Cover design seeks to increase its local market and increase distribution channels, so it seeks to obtain a sales representative who fully supervises all matters related to the company’s external sales.

The sales representative is the main link between the company and the customer as he is responsible for ensuring that the goods, services, and products are properly delivered to the customer and is responsible for identifying potential customers.


  • Selling products to customers and helping them provide products, services, and goods that meet their needs and desires
  • Concluding agreements, contracts and sales deals with customers and agreeing with them on delivery dates for goods
  • Preparing a special schedule to organize the dates of receiving orders from customers and delivering them to them
  • Constantly modifying presentation content based on sales-related feedback
  • Keeping the management department informed of all sales movements and operations by preparing and submitting reports to them such as daily call reports and weekly, monthly and annual work plans
  • Suggesting necessary modifications to products
  • Attracting new customers and attracting them to the company and encouraging them to increase their demand
  • Listening to customer complaints and dealing with them in order to achieve their satisfaction and provide them with appropriate solutions
  • Promoting and marketing the company’s products and services and convincing customers of them.

Are you have…

  • Marketing and Promotion Skills
  • The ability to convince the client
  • Tact in dealing and style
  • Financial Accounting Skills
  • Not committing to a specific workplace or time, so you must be very flexible at work
  • Conversational skills
  • Good skills in using Microsoft Office software
  • Sales skills
  • Dialogue and negotiation skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Skills of answering the phone, receiving calls and customer inquiries, and dealing with them
  • Communication and Connection skills
  • High leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Management and prioritization

What we offer

  • 4-day-off per month
  • Commission and Incentive
  • Employee purchase discount